Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We Need Your Help...

We need your help to defeat Moon Nazis!  We are trying to get a screening of Iron Sky at the Wynnsong Theater.

What if a group of WWII Nazis escaped and built a base on the dark side of the moon?  For the past 70 years, these Nazis have been building an army to conquer the earth...they are now ready to begin the invasion!

This movie looks like awesome fun.  Please help us get a screening in Des Moines...just pre-order tickets (we need less than 30 more people to RSVP) through Tugg.  Only $10 each.  Please RSVP, there is only 2 days left to do so (RSVP ends Aug 17th).  It will be worth it...Moon Nazis!  How can you refuse?  Please click here to order your tickets: Iron Sky - Des Moines.  This event is pending and you will only be charged if we get enough people to go and the screening takes place.

Please join us! Iron Sky - Des Moines

Moon Nazis!  If you don't go, the Moon Nazis have won.