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I love pinball and so should you.  Follow the links below to a list of places (and machines) to play in the Central Iowa / Des Moines Area.  If you know of changes or additions, please let me know (E-mail me here) or add the changes to the pinballmap site).  I am the admin for Iowa, so please help me keep this site up to date for everyone to enjoy pinball.  We are always looking for machines and new places to play. Pinballmap also has a mobile app for your iPhone/Android phone; for your on the go needs.

Please support the businesses listed and thank them for keeping pinball alive.

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Other Resources:

Iowa Pinball Club - new club of pinball players in Iowa, tournaments, tech, buy & sell, etc...

Des Moines Alive has a pinball tag in it's restaurant, bar, recreation listings (unfortunately they don't list exact games)...but hey it is a great place to check if you are looking for other locations to play.

Stern Pinball also has a "Where to Play" is not updated very regularly, but it is also a good place to start to see some possible locations.

Pinball Rebel also has a nice locator by zip code.
I know there are more, just not sure where they are hiding...let me know!  Yes, I also buy and sell pinball machines so let me know if you have something for sale. is a pinball community where chat pinball with locals or around the world.