About Gubby

Hi, my name is Michael...but am also often known by one of my many nicknames - Gubby, Wimpy, WMP, Reamer - just to name a few.  I suck.  I am a terrible human being - not in the serial killer type of way, just your ordinary suck a little bit each day way.  Lazy - check; Worthless - check; Dead Inside - check (well probably).

This blog is really about nothing - just random thoughts that pop into my head.  I don't always update regularly (I suck), just when I feel like it and when I have time or when I have something important to say.*

I live in Iowa...yeah that's right, Midwest born and raised.  I often find that I don't fit in well with my fellow Iowans but that is probably more because I don't really fit in humanity in general.  I am just awkward, a geek, and a dork in all definitions of the words.

I like reading, ice hockey, pinball, puzzles, trivia, sci-fi, and music...among many other things.  I just can't hold my interests focused enough to obsess about anything.  I like and I hate much - but love little (dead inside, remember?)

In this blog you will find that I use parentheses and ellipses way too much...but that is the way that I like it (so suck it Trebek).

You can also find me here (if you want): http://www.facebook.com/michael.hulsebus
I don't really do myspace or twitter (I have accounts on both...and many other places, I just don't do much with them)...I blog and very lightly FB, mostly about this blog.

*Please note that nothing I say is ever important