Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pinball in Central Iowa

I've always loved pinball...from the early 80s when I would play every once in a while in the bowling alley while my parents bowled drank to the mid 90s working in an arcade, to 2000s and owning my own machine.  I like video games too, but they don't hold the same draw for me as pinball.  Pinball takes skill instead of just learning a pattern like on most video games...and you can get better with practice but still randomness and luck still play a huge part.  Even though I am a decent pinball player, I still have balls that drain right away.  Easy to learn, impossible to master.

Unfortunately, pinball has been disappearing from public places over the past 20 years.  It used to be in every bowling alley and arcade, and most bars...now all you get is Big Buck Hunter (which is fine, but it is not pinball).  Pinball is hard to find.  I am always looking for different games and new new places to play...so I am making a page to list all the games that I know about in the area.  You can see it on the right called "Pinball in Central Iowa."

I envision this as an interactive site where people can contact me to add new games and locations to the list...as a community we can make a comprehensive and up-to-date list of places and games to play.  In the future, I would also like to start a pinball club, where pin geeks can all get together and hang out one night a week and have some friendly and tournament play.

So please, stop by, contact me if you know of any additions, changes, or interest in getting together to play some pin.  Frequent these places and let them know that you appreciate them still supporting pinball in Iowa.

Update - as I was typing Derek from Des Moines Alive contacted me to let me know that they have a tag for pinball locations....so I am going to include a link for them at the bottom of the page.  Since I don't have a list of exact games at some locations, I am not putting them all in my list yet.  But am going to be working my way down the list to find out.  Thanks Derek.


Anonymous said...

Funny you posted this today. I was getting ready to message you that I saw an article concerning the National Pinball Museum in DC closing in July, so you better get out there.

Anonymous said...

Whoops. Sorry, that's me above. Don't know why it posted anonymous.


Michael said...

Thanks Shannon. It is sad about the National Pinball Museum closing. I hope that guy finds a new location.

The good news is that there is still the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas...which has moved to a new and improved location since I had last been there. So I think it is almost time for a Vegas trip!

Anonymous said...


Please switch the link for the Iowa Pinball Club to www.IowaPinballClub.com for me please. Thanks again for letting the one link make it on here.


Michael said...

Aaron, I also added a link to your club's website on the pinball page. I'm looking forward to meeting up with you guys sometime for a night of pin.