Monday, June 27, 2011

Shocking Pictures Revealed

After a year long moratorium, broken vows of secrecy, several Freedom of Information Act requests, and lawsuits going up to the highest court in the land...the shocking pictures of the 2010 Shuttlecock Classic have been released to the public.  Scandal is sure ensure and the participants will be publicly shamed.  Ironically, it is just in time for this year's Shuttlecock Classic which will be reviewed shortly.  I am not sure if this is coincidence or conspiracy.

Thought to be a joke by most other contestants, this unlikely pair - a virtual giant of a man and his strapping young partner in dress overcame many obstacles to become the underdog darlings of the tournament.  Loved by the crowds, hated, and feared by the other teams.

Once on the court, it was no joke.  Competitor after competitor fell to this team.  The dress intimidated opponents
while their uncanny badminton skills beat down all adversaries.  The mighty and the meek alike were slayed by the amazing racquet skills displayed.

After many hours of intense rivalry.  The heroes came out victorious.  Heads held high, they claimed the famed, and  much sought after SLAEROWYCOT (Soar Like An Eagle - Rock Out With Your Cock Out Trophy), a bottle of booze, and gleaming gold shuttlecock medals...and earned a place in the history books and in the hearts of all people.

Here a close up view of the SLAEROWYCOT in the arms of tournament champions.

Will our heroes overcome the long odds and ravenous hordes of competitors of the 2011 tournament to once again hoist the Eagle and being justice to the little man?

Stay tuned for the recap.


Anonymous said...

You look good in a dress!

Anonymous said...

Once again, that's me above. For some reason, blogger isn't showing comments as being from me when I post from my phone.


Michael said...

Executive Transvestite.