Monday, August 8, 2011

Thanks Delta - It's a Start

Last week, I was in Memphis, TN on business.  I hadn't had a chance to fly for a about a year so I was pretty happy to get to travel a little (I love to fly, and it shows).  However, upon arrive at my gate I was disappointed to see all the HUGE carry-on bags that most travelers were toting.  I try to travel light and only had one small duffel bag and my kindle.

Your bag should fit here...and not
look like an overstuffed
Some travelers had bags that were the pretty darn close to the text fixture...but were just over by an inch because of the handle or the wheels or whatever.  These people don't bother me.  The people that annoy me are the ones who's bag may have fit in the check fixture at one time, but with the 3 various expansion zippers unfurled and packed to near bursting levels - this bag is now twice as wide as it is supposed to be and there is no way that it will fit in the regulations.  Come on, your bag looks like a fat lady in shouldn't bulge like that and I think any second that zipper could blow.   But at least their bag started at the right size...or nearly.  There were also several people who are packing a near full-size suitcase and trying to insist it is a carry-on.  I am not sure how some of these bags made it through security because it had to be a tight squeeze to  fit through the x-ray scanner.  Many were also toting more than one of these monstrous bags.  Which seemed like a lot more trouble that what it cost to check a bag.

I know that the fee for checking bags sucks, but I am sick of not having storage room for my small bag because your big ass bags are taking up way more space that they are supposed to.  Most airlines have nearly identical rules:
  • One carry-on bag that measures 22"x14"x9" or smaller and 
  • One smaller personal item like a laptop or a purse.  
Easy right? I am following the rules, so why should I always have to fight for space?  Yes, my bag is probably small enough that I could probably fit it under the seat in front of me, but why should I have to sacrifice my legroom for your bags?  My ticket cost the same as yours.  Pay the $25 and check your suitcase.

I applaud the Delta Airlines employees who were automatically making the customer gate-check the grossly over-sized bags and the double bags that people were carrying.  It was a very good start to help the situation and a change that is much welcomed by me.  I had the easiest time finding overhead storage that I have had in years.  Good job Delta.  I think you should go further (Baby steps, Bob) and make everyone use the check fixture and if it doesn't fit, it gets checked because these people just slow everyone down wasting 10 minutes trying to stuff their bag into a space that wasn't designed to take it.  Just like the OJ trial - if it doesn't fit, you must check it.  Thank you Delta, it was a small change made the flying experience so much better better (which I haven't been able to say in quite a while).

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Shannonnicolle said...

Sage advice from the ghost of Johnny Cochran. He even looks like he's surrounded by an angle cloud in the pic.