Monday, February 13, 2012

Awful Advertisements

Am I the only one that does care to see animated
babies with diapers full of shit?
Advertisers usually don't understand me...or at least they do not make ads and commercials that appeal to me. In fact, not only do they not attract me to the product, but they actively turn me against the product.  I don't hate commercials.  Yes, I often skip them as much as possible when watching shows on DVR, but I am also known to rewind and watch a commercial if something catches my eye.  However, instead of making me want to buy a product commercials today often make me avoid it instead (and if I really like a commercial, I will probably support the product - that just doesn't happen often).  A good example would be the Hardees commercials where basically they insinuate you are not a man if you aren't eating their thickburger, mega-four patty burger with a pound of cheese and bacon.  I guess I am not man, because I could never eat that much.  I loved the slider mini-burgers that Hardees offered, but once the new ad campaign started Hardees never entered my mind because I didn't want the thickburger.  I didn't feel like the customer that they wanted (and I believe they discontinued the sliders shortly thereafter because they didn't fit in their new manly approach).

The current* commercial that drives me nuts...LUVS.  Of course not having a child, I am not the audience that they are trying to reach...but I really can't imagine who this ad is supposed to entice.  It is mildly more entertaining than a traditional diaper commercial...the first time...but it filled me with anger once the initial shock was over.

I thought this was a new ad, but I guess it has been around for over a year.

Yes, you heard that right..."Poop, there it is."  And the babies are having a shitting contest.  "What happens in diapers, should stay in diapers."  "Heavy Dooty Blowout Protection." Really Luvs?  Everything about this ad is distasteful to me.  I respect you for trying something new, but this doesn't quite do it.  I'm glad I didn't have to see a diaper having blue liquid poured into it, but listening to a modified Tag Team song is even worse.  I hate this commercial so much.

I am not the only one either...doing a quick search this ad made many "Worst Ad of 2011" lists...I just had not seen it until a few days ago.

*One of many...the AT&T cell phone "So 46 seconds ago" commercials make me want to punch people in the face. Charmin bears piss me off because everyone knows that bears use rabbits. Those ads on facebook that say "Bet you are too dumb to pass this quiz."  Anything with the Carfox. etc...


Anonymous said...

I think you are still upset about the baby supplies you were getting in the mail. Leave Luvs alone they are a quality company even if the have a shitty message.


Michael said...

Oh, I still get them and feminine hygiene products about 3 times a year. No idea how I got on that mailing list.

jessov said...

I also HATE this commercial, and I suppose I am the demographic they are trying to reach. I thought exactly what you did...cartoon babies having a shitting contest. WTH?