Friday, March 9, 2012

Diabolical Deeds

On Saturday, one of Des Moines' newest rock bands, No Good Deed,  made their live debut.

This show was a little special for brother, Kelly, just happens to be one of the guitarists in No Good Deed (and I had previously met several other members over the years).  Kelly has been messing around on guitar for over 20 years now.  I say messing around because I don't think he really had much drive to be in a band, he just liked playing guitar.  And despite having to listen the intro of Sweet Child O' Mine being mangled time after time in 1990-1991, you could tell that he had a good ear and picked up the guitar relatively quickly (we are not talking prodigy here, but given the same amount of practice he would be better than the average person).  It was a hobby that came and went.  He would play a lot for a couple years and then the guitar would virtually disappear for a couple...but it never went completely away.  Kelly's talent increased over the years and although told by many, many people he never joined a band.  I always imagined this response:

 I understand.  I am lazy too and doubt my talents for all things.  Its good, if you are happy you can do what you want, but I always felt that it was a shame.  Not necessarily that he wasn't in a band, but more because guitar was mainly a solitary activity for him...I don't know a lot about music (I have no talent myself) but I have seen the joy that group of people playing together and creating something larger than themselves can bring.  I was glad when he started playing with a couple of the guys from NGD a few years ago.  I really didn't think anything would come of it, but I was hoping he was getting that feeling of melding musically.  The band was off and on again a few times over the past couple years (depending on how hectic everyone's lives were).

About a month ago, Kelly sent me a message to save the date...March 3rd, the band was playing their first show.  I had heard talk of "the band" many times over the years, but had never actually heard them play.  I wasn't even sure what type of music they would play...Kelly and I both enjoy a pretty wide gambit of musical tastes.  Of course, I was going.  Kelly and I have gone to hundreds of shows together, the least I could do would be to show up for his gig.  Plus, the concert poster they made was awesome.  Even if I had never heard of the bands, I would have gone to this show based on the poster alone.  Good advertising pays off.

Love this poster

The location wasn't the best for live music - The Fremont.  I didn't know The Fremont had live music, they actually do have a smaller side room where bands and other performances take place.  I had no idea...and once I got there I knew why.  It was small.  But still good for a beginning band.  I guess the sound system wasn't great either and No Good Deed ended up setting up their own PA.  There were many obstacles to overcome to play a decent set...but the die was cast and a show there would be.

Fellow local band Hath No Fury opened and played a short but decent set.  Finally, No Good Deed took the (very small) stage.  Unfortunately, I know that several people didn't realize this and missed the show because they were in the bar's main room.  Its too bad, because for a debut show No Good Deed did a pretty good job.  They were a little loud for the size of room they were in and I felt a little bad for all the people that didn't have ear plugs (I always have mine).  You could somewhat tell that they were new to performing - lots of sweat, and sometimes looking a little scared to move too much.  They encountered and overcame small technical glitches and kept the show going at a good pace.  Communication between band members needs to be worked on and they need to get a little more comfortable on stage.  But for a first was good.

Kelly, Rob, and Doug - rocking
No Good Deed sounded decent and tight (for the most part) and played a wide variety of music - half original, half covers.  How to categorize?  Well the best category is just general Rock.  Their original songs reminded me of a little heavier Jimmy Eats World...that isn't quite right, but it was the first thing that popped into my mind. Being a relatively new band (only 5 practices with the bass player before Saturday's show), NGD don't quite have their own cohesive sound developed...but they do have talent and I was impressed by their original songs.  I am really looking forward to seeing them progress as they perform more.  I don't think they are going to huge rockstars or anything like that (since so few do) but I think they can have a pretty good past-time/side career playing local gigs.  This is the type of band that I would enjoy going to see often (even if I wasn't related).  Check out original song "Feeling Better" below...and check out more on their Reverb Nation page.  I think you will enjoy.

 You can next check out No Good Deed:

March 17th - The Gas Lamp (all day St Patty's fest).

April 7th - The Vaudville Mews.

I am not sure about the March 17th show, but I am sure I will be at Vaudville Mews in April.  Hope to see you there.

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