Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How My Life Has Changed in 17 Years

Being somewhat of taco snobs, my friends and I usually went to Taco Bell instead of Taco John's (honestly, I don't think there is much difference although the Doritos Locos at TB are pretty tasty), but there were a couple times during college when a Six-Pack and a Pound would hit the spot.

It happens even less now...but it happened this past weekend.  Here are the differences that I observed:

  • A 12 hour shift in the time of eating
  • Females want to spend time with me
  • Much less hair involved
  • Hercules or Xena was NOT being watched
  • Tacos & Potato Oles still taste the exact same

Don't be envious of my rock & roll lifestyle.


Shannonnicolle said...

Potato oles are the bomb, especially with the side of nacho cheese! And your stick figure drawings are fantastic.

Michael said...

After posting, I wondered...should I feel bad that I spent more time drawing the taco than my stick people? No. No, I do not.

Angie Plager said...

You are hilarious! My how you've grown...I'm so proud. (tear) :P