Friday, January 18, 2013

A Short Update on Angie

Heading to the Civic Center in November
It's been a while and I've had a few inquiries, so here is an update.  Angie is doing really well, although healing is still sluggish and tedious.  After an appointment last fall with her bone daddy (Orthopedic Surgeon), she was told her femurs are healing slowly but well enough that she doesn't need to come back for monthly checkups...she will return this summer (around the one year mark) to hopefully finalize everything for the healing process, and resume all normal activity.

Unfortunately, she has been experiencing a little bit of depression lately due to the loss of personal freedom, independence, and mobility (again).   This is mostly due to not having a van she can drive.  Family, friends, and I have been trying to get her out of the house several times a week to help diminish this feeling; but she misses being able to just do it herself and doesn't like burdening others.  It's not a deep depression but if you spend time with her you might notice at times that she is not quite as vibrant or as patient as she was previously.  It is all temporary though, she is working through it.

Hunting in the fall thanks to Whitetail Challenge
(I am pretty sure you are turning into
Bonebreaker from the Reavers)
Angie is back to as normal a life as she can be, working part-time from home, continuing her advocacy for people with disabilities, etc...  Angie tires more quickly than before the accident, although her stamina is increasing as she heals.  Her body has trouble regulating temperature...she is normally cold as it is, but it seems much worse than it has in the past and it takes her much longer to feel warmed up.  The bruise on her hip also seems to reappear when she is stressed or tired.  Angie doesn't seem to have any other physical after affects from the accident, but we still need to be careful with her legs and moving her around as any jarring can still cause jolts of pain. We try to do all the activities and stuff that we normally would do..she even went deer hunting again this fall (no luck though).  There was some things Angie had hoped to do this year that she just cannot attempt because of the fragility of her legs - like skiing.  Hopefully next winter.

Still no decision on an insurance settlement.  Nine totaled cars + Nine insurance companies = One Huge Mess.  Originally, we were told that it could take up to two years before it is settled...we have since been informed that the insurance companies have five years.  Ugh.  Unfortunately, we need a decision (one way or the other) before she can obtain a new wheelchair, and she needs the new wheelchair before she can get hand controls installed in her van.  We are still not sure how everything will be paid for, but we are trying to save money in case the insurance does not come through (donations are still welcome and much appreciated).

Angie Plager Recovery Fund
32541 585th Ave
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