Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lack Thereof Will Leave Me Empty Inside

So, I've been unemployed for the past couple weeks and possible for a couple weeks more. It is nice not having to work but the stress about money makes it not worth it. But I do know that it is just temporary due to a slow truck market.

So having no money, I thought I would go hang out with all the other white trash at the Iowa State Fair. Luckily, I got free tickets from work before I was laid off. I've gone twice so far...and will probably go again on Friday - yep I am white trash.

Things I have liked about the fair:
  • Eve 6 - I've always liked these guys and thought they had a good solid sound. I know some people think a lot of their songs sound the same and I won't deny that many of their songs have a similar cadence or syncopation...but that is just their sound. It was at one of the free stages and I wasn't sure how many people would show up since their biggest hit "Inside Out" was 10 years ago and although they have had some minor hits since, I didn't know if there was a following. It was packed. Lots of teenagers showed up to rock with the band and that made me happy. It was a good show, I had a great time.

  • Tattoo Sleeves - A bunch of places where giving out temporary tattoos to all the kids, so many young kids went all out and basically had full sleeves of temporary tattoos. It was pretty funny seeing 8 year old girls all tatted up.

  • Corn Dogs - who doesn't love them. I often eat the mini-version while at Billy Joe's, but when at the fair you have to try it's big brother. I am a big fan of all foods on a ordering them always reminds me of the hilarious but short lived TV show "Life on a Stick."

  • We're Here, We're Queer... - Gay and lesbian couples don't bother me. I figure that you have to do what makes you happy and while you are at it why not be proud? Anyhow, I spotted a lesbian couple (mullets and all) and one had a t-shirt of the postal stamp of Dike, IA really big on the shoulder. I thought that was pretty funny. I am sure Dike's chamber of commerce would be proud.

  • Animals - Although I am from Iowa, I am not really a farm kid. I have seen sheep, cows, goats, etc... but don't get to spend a lot of up close time with them. So I think it is cool seeing them all up close. The exotic breeds are cool too...especially the mini-zebu cows.

Of course, there are also many things that I don't like about the fair...I will get to those in a later. post.

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Cameron Ted said...

dude, if you don't buy a zebu cow for the dog to kill I might cry. Oh the huge manatee, little dogs eating a zebu

Maybe see you Saturday at Ted and Donna's for Zac's 30th? noonish :)