Friday, August 22, 2008

The Middleman

The Middleman is a new (newish - it is on episode 10 or something like that now) show on ABCFamily that I happen to really enjoy. Luckily, I just happened to be watching something like Seventh Heaven reruns or the 700 Club or some equally crappy show that usually makes up the bulk of ABCFamily's usual programing a couple months ago when a commercial for the premier episode came on. I must have thought it looked decent because I set my DVR to record it (had it not been like 4am, I probably would have had more suspicions since it was ABCFamily). I quickly forgot about it. A few weeks later, I am cleaning up my recorded shows and come across the 3 episodes that have taped so far...being bored , I decided to give it a try before deleting. It is a great show - it is very smart and witty, with lots of references to literature, history, and pop culture like movies and comic books (it is based on a comic book after all - but I have never read it although that will probably change soon).
It is about a guy, The Middleman, who fights evil and supernatural things to save the world and keep the world from panicking. The Middleman recruits Wendy Watson (AKA - Dub Dub or Dubby) to be his apprentice to fight evil and set the world to rights...which all sounds pretty boring and lack luster, but the writing is really tongue in cheek, witty, and often makes you think a little to get the jokes. This show has everything (and these are just a few examples from the latest episodes):
  • Vampire Puppets (or Puppet Vampires - I haven't decided which is more correct) - check
  • Bitchy Robot Secretaries - check
  • Evil Succubi posing as fashion models - check
  • Fish Zombies - check
  • Hooters type restaurant with a pirate theme called The Booty Chest - check
  • Inside jokes repeated from episode to episode - check
  • Running jokes throughout the episode - check
  • Off the wall sense of humor - check

It is just a well written show. Some of my favorite bits -

  1. The Middleman and Wendy meet a pancake house, it is called The Batter of the Bulge. Where you can get Panzercakes and Luftwaffles. Plus bulge is just funny because if you eat there too often that is what you will start to do.
  2. Wendy's neighbor, Noser, is a talented musician that supposedly knows every song. During a party they play "Stump the Musician" and the audience yells out song names. Holding his guitar, Noser gives a thoughtful look, nods, and goes "Yep, I know it." and they move on to the next song...which again is a "Yep, I know it." Doesn't play a note the whole night but everyone is impressed with his musical knowledge.
  3. Vlad Tempes soul stuck in a puppet named Little Vladdy.
  4. Every time they go to Wendy's apartment it always says something like "Illegal sublet that Wendy shares with another young photogenic artist"

There are many, many kind of reminds me of The Simpson's when it first came out with all these great inside gags and references to pop culture, as well as, history. It is not the tired and obvious jokes of the likes of Two and Half Men or Will and Grace. It is fun and funny and sometimes makes you think a little before you get the joke. Check it out on Monday nights at 9pm central. I don't think you will be disappointed (unless you have no soul or take everything too seriously - in which case you are beyond my help).

And no, I did not get paid anything or given any kind of kickback for writing this (although a lapdance from Wendy (Natalie Morales) would not be turned down...OK I'd settle for a night of watching a movie and eating mini-corn dogs with her. I just happen to like the show.


Cameron Ted said...

I will set the DVR tonight! They way the desscribtion started out, I thought it was going to be Friday the 13th the series. Which I always kinda liked, that and Nightmare on Elm street too......
Batter of the Bulge HA

Michael said...

Ha ha...forgot about Friday the 13 The Series. Damn those curse objects! I enjoyed that show quite a bit too. Oh the things you watch when you don't have cable.

Cameron Ted said...

too effing funny... Come out to the coast we'll have a few laughs..... Now I have a machine gun Ho Ho Ho..... After the way you two crapped in the comforter... AND MY FAVORITE Go all Jesse and have a caffeine pill freak out.

Man that was GREAT!