Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bad Email Subjects

In 2008 the company that services my mortgage was purchased by another (supposedly) better off company. That is all fine and good, business as normal. My original company had all my info of course and I had my email address as an emergency contact location in case there was ever any problems...after almost 10 years, never once did my original servicer use my email to contact me.

My new servicer likes contacting me and telling me all kinds of things about my account through my email address, which again is all fine and good. However, I take exception to some of their subject lines. Their favorite which tends to give me a heart attack almost every time is:

"**Mortgage ALERT!** Your monthly payment has been posted to your account"

Really you need to put ALERT and asterisk? Every time I see that I think something has gone dreadfully wrong and my automatic payment was received or was in some way screwed up. Can you just say "Thank you for your mortgage payment?" Alert means bad to me...so please stop sending your messages with that unless something is actually wrong, it is annoying.
End Hate

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