Friday, May 21, 2010

The Derby Dilemma

This Saturday, both the Mid-Iowa Rollers and the Des Moines Derby Dames have a bout...on opposite sides of town. What to do?  Personally, I would like to see both bouts but that just isn't possible.  I will probably go to MIR, although that is not 100%.  The reasons would be mainly because I have been watching them longer, so know the players and the talent better.  That doesn't mean the DMDD won't be putting on a great show, I'm sure they will.  Is Des Moines big enough to host two derbies on the same night?  I am not sure.  I know each team does have it's own fans but there are many crossovers from all the t-shirts that I see at both team's bouts (plus I'm one).  This also happens next month on the 19th.  What to do?

It is probably too late for this season, but next year it would be nice if they could team up for double header when scheduling conflicts arise.  Start a little earlier, end a little later...get twice the roller derby and a huge group of fans.  I think that would totally be a win-win for everyone.  Expose all the fans to both teams, have a packed house and great atmosphere.  Double Derby = Double Awesome.

Quick recaps of the past couple weeks derby action.

On May 8th, the DM Derby Dames took on the Muddy River Nightmares.  It was good to see Syphiliz from MR Nightmares again...but I didn't get to see her without her helmet, so no Mohawk action.  It was my first time seeing the DM Derby Dames.  The Derby Dames put on a valiant effort but lost.  I thought they skated hard and with a lot of heart but didn't quite have the team work aspects down.  Better coordination with the blockers in the pack to prevent the other teams jammer from advancing and boosting our own jammer would help quite a bit.  All the dames seemed to have good potential and will do well with practice and time.  Skating was decent but need to work on speed, endurance, and side-to-side movement.  All in all, the Dames weren't bad for a team just a couple bouts into their inaugural season.  Special shout outs to Stella Italiana who always skated fast and loose and Cosmo Disco who skated well but was of smaller stature than most and was constantly being knocked to the ground (I'm sure she was black and blue by the end but she always got right back up and skated).  7 Flags Center could use better and more seating as many people had to sit on the concrete floor track side in the "suicide seats" which is not ideal for roller derby enjoyment.  Come see the Des Moines Derby Dames take on the Old Capital City Girls from Iowa City tomorrow night May 22nd, 7pm at the 7 Flags Events Center in Clive.

May 15th, the Mid Iowa Rollers took on the Mahaska Mayhem.  I was rushed when arriving to this bout and was never able to focus and really enjoy it.  MIR started off slowly with a lot of penalties.  So many penalties that I didn't think they would have a chance in the long run.  Great defense and blocking by the pack however, prevented the Mayhem from taking a large lead.  One example was when our jammer was in the penalty box at the beginning of a jam.  Mahaska had the opportunity to grab a huge lead.  Anna Killakova had a perfect strategy where she sped up the pack so that they were racing down the track with the opposing jammer barely able to catch up.   When the jammer did finally catch up she was perfectly blocked and checked to the ground.  Calmed down, MI Rollers were able to build and keep a lead throughout the rest of the bout.  Noticeable absences were cTAL faTAL and Fanny Firestarter, hopefully you will be back this weekend.  A couple new comers skated and held their own...although need a little work on strategy and calling off the jam at the appropriate time.  Come see the Mid Iowa Rollers take on the Sioux City Roller Dames tomorrow night May 22nd, 7pm at Hy-Vee Hall in Des Moines.


*Lesli* said...

I do believe I will be attending the Dames....I like them both, but that's who I'm going with this weekend. Perhaps I will see ya there.

Michael said...

I watched some videos of the Dame's bout...looked pretty good. Stella was flying past the pack (except that one time she got floored).

Rollers was one of the better bouts that I have ever seen. Started off dominating but then got a bunch of penalties and the other team came within 6 points of a tie at the end. At one point it was withing 2 points. It was intense.