Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two Minutes Hate

"Companies Going Green"

I am all for going green and eliminating waste and pollution.  That is a good thing and we should all strive to do it.  But I hate how companies try to induce you into paperless statements by making you feel guilty that their paper statement is wasting paper.  I just don't believe a company when they say they are "Going Green" and would like me to help by switching to paperless statements.  I am sure a very small percentage of the desire for me to change is the desire to be more eco-friendly...but it is a very, very small portion of the reason.  It's all about money...and them making more of it.  Just tell me the truth - it costs a lot to print and mail statements.  Postage, envelopes, return envelopes, paper, toner, machines/people to stuff envelopes, people to process incoming paper payments.  It costs a lot of money.  Sending out an email telling me that I my new statement is available online is virtually free.  How much does bandwidth cost?  No much compared to a paper bill.  Online statements are also available to those who get paper statements, so it is not like you are adding money for storage.  The only cost is a single, automatic email.

I can't even guess how many thousands of dollars this going green saves large companies.  I am sure it is a lot.  But instead of fooling people about "going green" why not just offer them a minor portion of the savings?  Oh that's right - greed.  The going green you are concerned about is the green that is going into your pockets.  Which is fine, just don't lie about your motives.

Oh and credit card industry?  I guess some people will switch who are concerned about the environment, who aren't concerned about saving you money.  After all, you keep raising interest rates and invent new fees for customers that have been with you for nearly 20 years and never missed a payment.  I guess if you really wanted to go green, you could stop sending me the new card and debt consolidation offers that you send out EVERY week, even though I have called and asked them to be stopped...oh, you will screw me out of a little more money if I take advantage of the offers, I guess that means it is OK to ruin the planet.

For the record, I have had paperless statements on everything I can for years.  Not to go green but because I just threw them away anyways...I know what I owe.

End Hate

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