Monday, August 2, 2010

The Totals are In

Last week Cadbury Egg season officially ended for me.  It was a sad day even though it was officially 3 months longer than a normal Cadbury Egg season which runs New Years Day through Easter.  I was also kind of glad because they started losing their specialness.  Usually when you eat one, it is like god has created heaven in your rich, so creamy, chocolately sweet gooiness.  The last few didn't do this for me...they were just there.  Good yes, but not amazing.  My taste buds were worn out and overloaded.  Man was not meant to eat Cadbury Eggs for six months.

This season's grand totals:

Full Size Regular Eggs: 46
Full Size Caramel Eggs: 8
Full Size Orange Eggs: 8
Mini-Size Regular Eggs: 10
Mini-Size Caramel Eggs: 10

Approximate total of diabetes inducing calories: 6500

That's a lot of calories...but not as bad as I would have guessed.  Now I just hope that my taste buds are ready for next years season...I think I will cut number of eggs in half so that they retain their specialness...unless of course the bring some of the more exotic flavors to my area.  Now to finish the last box of Girl Scout Samoas (Carmel deLites).


Lax Guy said...

Why the hell did the girl scouts change the name of the Somoas? That bothered me when we got ours this year. Carmel DeLites is so freaking generic that it sounds like a Wal-Mart knock off of the best cookie of all time.
No matter, they will ALWAYS be Somoas. Just like the I-Cubs field will ALWAYS be Sec Taylor. Name changes and rebranding are stupid.

Michael said...

This annoyed me a lot too, so I looked it up a few years ago. The Girl Scouts didn't obtain the trademark of their cookie names from the original bakers. Now that they have multiple bakers (ABC Bakers & Little Brownie Bakers), the names change depending on which baker the Regional Scout Council chooses to supply their area. The cookies offered can also vary. Unfortunately, ABC Bakers who have been supplying central Iowa for the past few years has really boring cookie names.
*Thin Mints = same for both bakers
*Peanut Butter Sandwiches (ABC) = Do-Si-Dos (LBB)
*Peanut Butter Patties (ABC) = Tagalongs (LBB)
*Shortbreads (ABC) = Trefoils (LBB)
*Carmel deLites (ABC) = Samoas (LBB)
*Thanks-A-Lots (ABC) = All Abouts (LBB)
*Lemon Chalet Cremes (LBB only)
*Lemonades (ABC only)

I think the renaming of the Sears Tower is the worst rebrand. Maybe Willis Tower will catch on in 30 years but I haven't heard anyone actually call it that since it changed last year.

kelly said...

I like to refer to the Sears Tower as the Wesley Willis Tower now. After all, he was from Chicago. Much more fitting than some weak sauce Brit insurer name.

Michael said...

Plus it rocks the camel's ass.