Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's a Mystery, It's a Mystery

Editors Note - just realized that an old draft of this was idea why.  Made a few corrections. Sentences cut off, bad formatting, etc... fixed  07-31-2010

Since I have had very poor lucky in getting a Woot Bag of Crap lately. I decided to do a Graveyard Mall Mystery Box.

Graveyard Mall is similar to Woot in the fact that they offer a different deal each day of overstock or damaged packaging products. Unlike Woot, they are not specifically tech and gadget oriented. Sometimes they have gadgets, sometimes home supplies, sometimes decor, sometimes clothing and sunglasses, sometimes comic books...they are all over the place. I've ordered from GYM several different times in the past and have both been pleasantly surprised and slightly disappointed.

I had seen the Mystery Box come up several different times but have never ordered it...mostly due to the fact that at $25, it was three times as much as a Woot Bag of Crap. The disappointment of not getting a bag of crap for a long time was starting to gnaw on me, so I decided to give the Mystery Box a try. The name Mystery Box is boring, so in my mind it became the Mystery Box of Crap. I figured this would help temper any expectations even though as I said about Woot's BoC, you are really just buying "hope" because you are most likely just going to get a box of crap.

After waiting several weeks, I was surprised at the size of the box and how heavy it was. Opening it, it was intricately stuffed with all kinds of items...stuffed, no padding material needed, there was no room and it was packed just right so that I wasn't able to come close to repacking everything so that it would fit back in the box. The funniest thing about the Mystery Box of Crap was the letter that came with it that said "Sorry, the Plasma TVs wouldn't fit in the box."  That in itself cracked me up and made the whole thing worth it.  Here is what I got for the money:

1) Russell Athletic Dri-Power performance fleece hoodie - black. I am not much of a pull-over hoodie are fine but pullovers are usually too much of a pain in the they mess up my beautiful hair. This is a nice hoodie, medium weight, supposed to wick away sweat to help keep you warm and dry. Also has the built in channels and openings for you headphones. Might be a good under layer for ice skating.

2) Jimmy Eat World DVD. A nice little live DVD with just a few songs on it. Looks like it was probably used at a promo or the CD get a free DVD type thing. Haven't had the chance to watch it yet, but I like Jimmy Eat World so I am looking forward to it.

3) Tree Frog Thermometer. Who doesn't love tree frogs and knowing what the temperature is? Combine the two and you have instant gold! I am actually using this product and it works pretty well, although it didn't quite stick the first time I hung him up and the fall cracked one of his legs (it is the thinnest plastic imaginable).

4) Emerson Research SmartSet Alarm Clock. This seems like a nice clock, sets itself automatically, dual alarm, jumbo screen, clock radio. If I needed an alarm clock this seems like it would be a pretty good option. Unfortunately, I already have several that I don't use anyway, so I gave this to my mom as she just happened to be looking for a clock for her basement. It is working great for her needs.

5) 10" Accent/Under Cabinet Light
. Not a bad light, not sure what I will do with it yet...maybe on my living room bookshelves. It would be better if there were two, but I am sure that I will make one work in some way or another.

6) Electric Pepper Mill / Wine Bottle Opener / Cheese Grater. I have a couple pepper mills and I don't have much use for a wine opener. Cheese grater might come in useful sometimes. Looks like it is a decent unit, although uses "C" batteries. I'm sure it needs the power of C batteries but C batteries are not something that I ever have on hand. Plus you know C batteries just seem like they should be used in something like a vibrator or something. It might get re-gifted to my dad who needs a new pepper mill and drinks wine.

7) Hanging Plant Elephant Bracket
. Originally I type "Elephant Hanging Bracket" but that sounds like something that you would hang elephants from and I don't think that this has the tensile strength to hold an elephant. It's cute and fun, I don't really have any hanging plants though. I gave it to my mom and she likes it and may use it in my niece's room.

8) Westinhouse StickUp Bulb. You can see from this packaging how full the Mystery Box of Crap was. This thing was shoved into a space in the box of Crap that it didn't really fit and the package suffered for it. The base was a little warped but the bulb and everything seems intact. It's a battery powered light bulb. Just stick up the base and pull the string...or not. I didn't seem that it also came with screws to hold down the base and even though I gave the string just a gentle tug, it all came crashing down. I think it will work great in my dark closet...once I decide to screw it down.

9) Rechargeable Electric Razor
. I don't usually use an electric razor so I can't tell you how this compares to others of its kind. I tried it out Tuesday morning and it seems to do an OK job. Maybe I will use it in the future if I need a quick touch-up to my manly Five-O'Clock-Shadow.

10) Sudoku game set. A hand-held sudoku game and a sudoku controller that you can plug into your TV. I like sudoku a lot, but I usually only play it on my phone. I might test it out and see how the difficulty level is as "genius level" on my phone usually seems a little easy now. If I don't care for it, I will probably give it to someone else that has more use for it.

11) Vent Filters
. This is a pack of vent filters...cut to size, place inside your vents and it filters out dust. I already use these on most of my vents. Now I have enough to filter my cold air returns also.

12) Open Ended Wrench Set. This is what formed the majority of the weight in the box. They look like nice enough wrenches although I have not tested them out yet. Wrenches are good, I already have several sets but I am horrible at putting the wrench that I used back in the proper place so it is always a chore to find the one that I need. I have also used them for unintended purposes like prying and hammering, so a few a little bent or beat up. New wrenches, I'll use them.

13) Pocket calculator
. A simple pocket calender where the keypad slides out like a slide phone. Nothing really special about it that I noticed but functional.

14) 20 Q Live game. Do you like to play 20 Questions but not have any friends? Then this game is for you. This is just a USB drive with the game on it, but the packaging is like 12 inches by 8 about a waste of packaging. Were they really that worried about theft? Or were they just trying to grab your attention. I haven't played it but the gist seems to be that you think of something, then you answer 20 questions from the computer game and it makes a guess at what you are thinking about. According to the box it "can read your mind"...whatevs.

15) Digital Voice Recorder. I really have no need for this. I don't record meetings and if I need to leave myself a note then I have my phone. Maybe I will give it to my niece to play with.

16) Emoticon Notepad. A notepad with a bunch of emoticons pictured so that instead of writing a message you can just check the emoticon that applies to your situation. I don't know it seems strange...seems wasteful to have a 6" x 9" notepad and just make a check mark. Plus I am pretty sure that it would take me longer to find the appropriate emoticon than to write a note. Plus it doesn't even have the dirty ones like:

( . )Y( . )

I would have had much more use for something like that. What is the emoticon meaning "Piece of Shit Waste of Money"?

17) Clock / Calendar / Key Holder / Voice Recorder
. I definitely didn't need to different voice recorders...or leave different messages for three sets of keys. This thing is just weird, I suppose it is nice if it is something you need but to me it seems pretty useless.

Not bad. Average price of $1.47 per item. It was fun going through all the packages to see what I got. Christmas in July...and like real Christmas you get some stuff you like and some stuff from your crazy aunt that you can't believe anyone would want. I still don't know if it is better, worse, or just as good as woot. What would do you think of the haul....oh maybe I should post a "haul video" on youtube just like a teenage girl.

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