Friday, September 10, 2010

A Tale of Two Ms

I have always liked M&Ms. I think most people do. However, for me, they lost something when they started messing with the five colors of my childhood. To me, true M&Ms should be Orange, Yellow, Green, Tan, and Brown. I know it is just the coloring and it doesn't make a difference to the taste but for some reason the blue really throws me off and then six colors (with red re-added in the late 80's). Surely six colors is some sort of excessiveness. Which must be true since Tan was later dropped to get it back to 5....but then blue came along and screwed it all up again. Damn you Blue!  I still liked M&Ms, but they kind of fell by the wayside and no longer gave me that nostalgic feeling.   Ignoring them, I missed Mars, inc coming out with new limited edition flavors.  Shame on me.

I finally got to try Coconut M&Ms. I saw them in a gas station about a year ago when I happened to not have any money on me. I thought they sounded good and wanted to try them but figured that since they were new that I would be seeing more of them. I was wrong, they were a limited edition and I did not see them again for almost a year...and even now they are not in very many places. QuikTrip and Walgreens seem to have them in stock most consistently in mid-Iowa.

Coconut M&Ms are good.  The really reminded me of something but I couldn't quite put my finger on what exactly.  The first thing to pop into my brain was a Jr Mint...but that wasn't right.  Angie suggested Pina Colada.  That is very close but not quite right.  I am still trying to place what exactly it reminded me of, but have had no luck.  I liked them, they were a nice change but I couldn't see eating them that often.  It's just not a taste that I have cravings for.  Angie and I didn't even finish a regular sized bag between the two of us.  Mixed with a bag of Plain M&Ms (I don't subscribe to calling them Milk Chocolate M&Ms instead of Plain) might be nice...more chocolate to spread out the coconut flavor a bit.

I know that Mars inc. also released Pretzel M&Ms this summer and I look forward to trying those soon.

But would really like to try the Strawberried Peanut Butter that came out last year.  Basically PB&J in an M&M.  I know that I can still order a case off of Amazon, but I am unsure if I want that many.  As I have learned from Cadbury Eggs this spring...I would rather have a smaller amount of product and be left wishing for more.

But I am really envious of the Wildly Cherry M&Ms that came out in the UK in 2008.  Much like Hot Tamales Ice, I am sure I will probably never taste them...but they sound delicious.


D-Lovely said...

I thought I was the only one who has been upset about the color changes! I'm so glad to know I'm not alone. If I remember correctly, they added red first, which I was OK with because I'd heard so much about red M&Ms, and THEN they added that stupid blue. I miss tan! It was one of my favorite M&M colors. They're too similar to a pack of Skittles now. Also, if you like pretzels, then you'll like the pretzel kind. Zac thinks they're stupendous. My favorite is still peanut butter.

Michael said...

Definitely not the only one...they just seem garish now instead of classy and relaxing.

I only kinda like pretzels...but the sweet & salty possibility excites me like a pothead with the munchies.

Peanut Butter is a want to be Reese's Pieces in my book.

Lax Guy said...

The strawberry peanut butter are amazing.
Remember the baseball commercial from right before the red came out? Something like brown is a single, orange is a double, yellow is a triple... And green? Green is a home run! I think I got that wrong (except green being the home run), but they ignored tan. I don't miss tan and embrace red. I'm not really a blue fan either...
I am addicted to Plain. But the peanut butter M&ms are the Devil's crack. I cannot stop once I have one and I have eaten myself sick on them before. Sad, but true.

kelly said...

All candy, as well as everything else, should be beige. Just ask Knit Knots.

Michael said...

A) Peanut M&Ms are truly the Cadillac of all M&Ms (in both size and deliciousness).

B) Kelly, you are a loser. Knit Knots...jebus!it isn't that kind of blog.

Bryan said...

Wild Cherry M&Ms!! WTF!!!

Jessica said...

Coconut M&Ms remind me of a Mounds candy bar. Sweet goodness. I find the pretzel M&Ms a bit dry and leave me wishing they were peanut M&Ms, which are indeed the Cadillac of all M&Ms.