Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm Surprised He's a Douche Again (not really)

Anyone else see the Kanye West interview on the Today Show this morning?  The one where Kanye talks about being regretful about calling Bush a racist because he was later called a racist when he interrupted Taylor Swift during the Mtv Video Music Awards.

I'm gonna let you finish...but I am gonna be a douche right now.

Anyhow, Matt Lauer was describing it and Kanye starts to respond and the news crews starts to play the clip from the VMAs while he is talking and Kanye gets pissed!  "Yo...How am I supposed to talk when you are trying to run this thing in the middle while I am talking?"  Clearly upset. "Please don't let that happen's ridiculous."

You can see the video here...about 5:50 is when the VMA part starts.

Kanye, I hope you now realize how much it sucks to be interrupted by Kanye West.  I know Taylor forgave you but it was still a douche move.  Hopefully someday, you realize that you just need to shut up.

I thought it was HILARIOUS that you got agree at being interrupted by yourself.  Heck, you even asked people offset to be quiet.  Man, you really don't like to be intruded upon, but yet you still did it much worse to Taylor Swift than anyone has ever done to you.   And that shit was cool to play while you were speaking about Bush because it was relevant to what you were talking about at the moment...stop being a whiner in your Tweets.  Douche, maybe you should learn some respect before expecting it from others.


Lax Guy said...

I am proud to say that I have never and will never purchase or even listen to anything produced by that asshole.

keith said...

Kanye's amazing! You should love him.. in fact, Kanye's my song of the day today! Which song? Check it out here!