Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanks For Your Caution

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the driver today who decided to switch lanes without signalling or apparently looking.  I really did want to drive on the shoulder and the grass instead of in the lane that I had been comfortably driving for the past few miles.  Thank you for providing me this opportunity!  My fault really, I must have sneaked into your blind spot when you started passing me about two blocks earlier.  Sorry for only driving the speed limit and forcing you to go around me, I know you really needed back into the right hand lane for that right turn you were about take in a short two and a half miles down the road.

No - not me.

I must admit that I really did like the sign similar to this hanging in your back window.  Is it 1988 again?  My mock-up doesn't really do justice to the one that you had!  I mean it just screamed every other driver must be an idiot.  You know those signs were originally meant to signal police and rescue workers in the event of an accident, not meant to inform all other drivers to be cautious, right?  I mean, do you think people are sitting in traffic thinking that they are going to ram you but then back off because there is a baby inside?  Might I suggest that you take you sign and stick it to the windshield so that you can have a reminder to drive cautiously yourself? You were obviously the worst driver out there this morning.  Hope your kid pays better attention in Driver's Ed in 15 years.


kelly said...

Maybe it was actually the baby driving. GET TO THE CHOPPA!

Michael said...

No, I saw the driver...typical doucher.