Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes You Gotta Let Those Hard-to-Reach Chips Go...

You may have heard last week that the brand Pringles was bought by Diamond Foods from Procter & Gamble (you can read the press release here if you like that sort of thing).

I mention this for a reason besides my fondness for Pringles.  Actually, I like Pringles, but usually don't eat them more than once or twice a year.  Usually when I am in a potato chip mood, I am looking for something more greasy.

You can see Torengos ability to hold
salsa in this handy advertisement (hint:
More than the leading tortilla chip, but
less than a bulldozer)
However,  I did love the corn chip made by P&G/Pringles...the Torengo.  The Torengo was just melt in your mouth good.  Torengos were similar to Pringles in that they came in a can and were all uniform in size and shape.  They were triangle shaped, but concaved like Pringles - supposedly for better salsa dipping.  Light, airy, and crispy, with a taste that wasn't overly corny, but just didn't even need salsa or cheese.  They were delicious by themselves.  Every time I opened a can, I had to be careful not to eat the entire can in one sitting...and this was at a time when I really didn't like corn chips that much.  I doesn't do justice to say that the Torengo was the Rolls Royce of tortilla me they were the Bugatti Veyron of tortilla chips.  They were that good.

Torengos came in three flavors: original (delicious), splash of salsa (pretty darn good), and pinch of pepperjack cheese (good but I would refer to them as "hint of ass" but still ate anyways because they were so good texture-wise).  Unfortunately, the original and the pepperjack flavors' cans were too similar - one pink, one red but in the fluorescent lights of the grocery store it was hard to tell them apart...especially if they weren't right next to each other - which seemed to happen often.  Nothing was more disappointing than unpacking your groceries when you got home and realizing that you got the red pepperjack can on accident.  This caused me to almost develop an obsessive-compulsive disorder where I would check the can about 10 times by the time I got to the register to make sure I had the correct one.  It wasn't always this way...original Torgengos were in a purple can at first, but I guess that wasn't eye-catching enough.

Gone before
their time
Torengos weren't around long...2 or 3 years maybe.  Wikipedia says they were listed as discontinued on P&Gs website as of 2007, but they were gone at least a year or two before that.  I emailed Pringles several times asking about them when I couldn't find them in local stores and was told they would not be making them again...and that was early 2005 or before.

Anyhow, back to the point of this whole post - Diamond Foods, pretty please with a cherry on top bring back the Torengos.  I promise that I will eat plenty of them.  PS - feel free not to make the Hint of Ass (pepperjack cheese) flavor.

Torengos, I love you so (and my specially designed Torengo tray with built in salsa receptacle is just waiting to be filled with your deliciousness again).


Anonymous said...

I remember these chips! Me and my mom used to eat them when I was little and I've been dying for some lately. Sad that they don't make them anymore): I wish there was a way to get them back!

Anonymous said...

I friggin miss them too. I am not a huge chip water but could put them down like a champ. Pringles new tortilla chips are not bad, but still aren't the same......And I loved that triangle shaped can as well.

Michael said...

The new Pringles are OK, but still a shadow of what Torengos were...but a step in the right direction at least.

I am in process of getting ready to move and am forced to decide if I keep my official Torengo serving platter or finally give up on the dream and donate it to Goodwill. Sad days and tough decisions.

Anonymous said...

I just found a torengo jar opener, triangular too. They must sold the special sauce too.