Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Please Don't Kill the Interwebicon

The US Senate is considering legislation that could/would destroy the internet as we know it - in the name of helping the entertainment industry fight piracy.  I can sympathize with the entertainment industry...piracy is not a good thing and I am sure it sucks to see something you made being pirated.  But I also don't trust the entertainment industry to be the police of the internet and with the accused afforded no protections. After all, Viacom/MTV sued youtube for videos that they uploaded themselves.  With new legislation any site accused of copyright infringement or even linking to a site with copyright infringement could be shut down.  Permanently.
Of course they say that is not the intent.

The language of the legislation (PIPA and SOPA) is overly broad and vague.  It seems to have been written with little input from experts. When experts and dissenters tried to speak out they were not allowed...or were brushed off. 

Once given the power, it will be used and abused to its utmost.  Just look at the PATRIOT ACT...many of those provisions have been used overwhelmingly for everything besides fighting terrorism and now it seems impossible that we will every be rid of it.  These bills have the power to undo everything that is great about the interwebicon...and do this just to protect the interests of a few extremely rich people who paid congress $94 million dollars to write this legislation.

Please contact your Senators and Representatives.

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