Friday, May 25, 2012

The Incident

This is Brodie.  Sorry, it is a horrible picture...I thought I had more on my computer but they must be at home.  Brodie is one of my mini-wiener dogs.  He is a bad ass.  He will gladly join in fisticuffs with any dog ten times his size...and come away the winner.  He is a good dog.

However, Brodie doesn't like to go to that bathroom when it rains.  Not really surprising, I don't like standing out in the rain and taking a piss either.  When it was raining the other day, we went through the typical routine.  I get home from work, put him on the leash and take him outside.  Instead of just going to the bathroom and being done, he tries everything else...hiding under trees and bushes not to get wet, begging me to go back inside.  Eventually, I give in and take him back inside.  It's no big deal, I have a doggie-door that he can let himself out back and go to the bathroom when the rain slows or stops.

20 minutes later it was raining even harder than before...but Brodie decided he couldn't hold it any longer.  Brodie heads out the doggie-door and feels the cold rain...and stops.  You could almost see his brain think "well, my nose is getting I must be outside, I'm not going any further than I have to."  Brodie proceeds to relieve himself as he is half-in and half-out of the doggie-door...the door's flap resting on his head, keeping him mostly dry.  It was hilarious.  I couldn't stop laughing for like 20 minutes. B-man, I enjoyed your ingenuity...but let's not make this a habit.  Nice try buddy, you were close!

For your pleasure, here is my artist rendering of the event.

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