Friday, May 4, 2012

Just Because You Have a Camera

I've seen this happening more and more and it is annoying and needs to stop. You have DSLR, you are not the band's official have no privilege or press rights.   It is great that you want to get some awesome pictures BUT

  1. Just because you have a camera, does not mean you get the best spot in the house to watch a show at a bar/club - I was there hours before you, you shouldn't expect to be able to weasel your way in front of me after the band starts playing.
  2. If you ask me, I will move so you can take a picture...but it does not mean that you should stay there for the next 30 minutes.  I moved so you could take a *couple* shots, not shoot throughout the entire show.
  3. Don't use your flash the entire time.  It is a darken club for a reason...try to capture that atmosphere.  The flash is disturbing the enjoyment of everyone around you.  Your camera has a low light setting...use it.
  4. You do not own the space in front of you.  I know you are taking have been all night, you probably have hundreds by now.  I am sorry that I have gotten in the way sometimes, but I think the band would probably want the fans enjoying themselves in front of the stage, instead of an empty stage front so a photographer to take pictures.  I paid to see a concert, not a photo shoot.
  5. Be nice. If you act all frustrated every time someone walks in front of you when you are trying to take a photo, you are just going to piss people off.  People do try to avoid ruining your pictures...but it is also ridiculous to try to make everyone walk around you all night.
Your taking photos does not take precedence over anyone else's enjoyment of the concert.

Sometimes...not often, but sometimes when the new amateur photographers are being especially annoying, I sort of miss these signs.


Jenipher said...

Most festivals and bigger shows I have photographed (including Kid Rock) have a 3 to 4 song limit. After that, you usually get "moved." Taking concert photos is like playing slots...continuously feeding quarters into the machine, you hope to hit the jackpot - continuously taking pictures you hope to get the perfect shot. Or something like that. Not fun when the camera-etiquitte clueless trample on one's concert experience. ...and definitely - ditch the flash. I have NEVER seen a good concert photo that uses one. If you can't get a good shot without a flash - get a better lens.

Michael said...

I understand what the photographers are trying to do...and I don't mind when they stay low key or at the very least are polite. It's just when they are rude and ruining an entire show that it upsets me. I actually wrote (but never published) this post nearly two years ago after a particularly bad show at House of Bricks where there were 3 of the amateur, inconsiderate photographers that ruined the entire show for me. 3 people like this in HoB was way too many.