Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shut Up and Take my Money pt 2

SPACE ELEVATORS!  An elevator that can take you into space!  Ok, not really...at least not yet.  We (the human race) are however, on the technological cusp of being able to create such a thing.  Why would we want to do this?  Many reasons: experiments, science, ease of launching future missions to other planets, not as much waste as rocket launches, etc...  But really, I mostly dream of affordable space tourism, would it still be expensive - yes.  Would it be cheaper than launching a rocket or even a space plane for short trips out of the atmosphere- almost certainly yes, and by a lot (instead of millions of dollars or even hundred thousands, a space elevator could be in the tens of thousand and possibly even less).

I liked this kickstarter because it wasn't just a "one and done" program.  It has a short term goal (as all kickstarter projects must) but the company also has long term visions.  Plans for not just next year, but 10+ years down the road.  Development.  Maybe I will be around when this all comes to fruition, maybe I won't; but we need to start somewhere and at some time.  I am willing to jump in and help and follow this project as it develops.

It probably won't actually look like this,
the cable will more likely be about the
size of a sheet of paper.
Imagine - regular & routine trips being available to Earth orbit, the moon, Venus, Mars, asteroids, and beyond.  All without the extreme g-forces, noise, and pollution of a rocket launch as your elevator car quietly climbs a cable through the atmosphere.  It could happen some day.   Government is not supporting as much research as it once did, so it is up to us - the citizens, the dreamers, the believers.  This is a project that I believe in and something that I believe could change humanity's relationship with space forever.  The space elevator has been a dream of visionaries for 150 years, but now with carbon nanotubes it could finally be possible.

If you dream of the stars, join me in supporting the Space Elevator kickstarter

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