Friday, November 21, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Woot

Yesterday was a Woot Off at And yes I was aiming to score a Bag of Crap again. The Woot Off is an event full of anxiety for me...constantly reloading, worrying that I am going to miss the BoCs...and I so want one! All day long, I was reloading, waiting, reloading, waiting (and I still managed to get a lot of work done!)...until the Holy Grail of the Woot Off the appeared. Shimmering on my computer screen like a mirage oasis to someone in the desert: Bag of Crap. Buy! Buy! Buy! I click the button and it comes back with "Server Too Busy." Reload. Shit! Stupid computers, why do you always do this to me? I have had a horrible couple weeks...please god, give me a bag of crap. I don't know if I can take this disappointment. Buy!

This time I was successful! Well kind of. I was able to order a bag of crap but the server was so busy that I was not able to maximize my crap purchase to three craps. After trying to change the quantity to three for a while, I had the feeling that I was going to lose out on crap again so finally just hit complete order...hoped the three would still pull through somehow but it was not to be. I am pretty sure that I was correct on the timing because the site started showing that the item was sold out before my order confirmation loaded. But finally my order was confirmed. Good hath triumphed over evil that day. The sun briefly shone through the clouds and the Bag of Crap was mine.

What will I get? Who knows? Most likely it will be something that is totally junk, something that I will end up just throwing in my "free box" at home full of stuff that anyone can take or it will get donated to Good Will. Something that will make me feel like I wasted my $6 and I will feel ripped off (even though they told me many times that it was a Bag of Crap). However, this goes beyond the physical goods that I will receive...until I open that package it could be anything. It could be that 60" LCD TV that is just missing the remote. It could be. To me, that hope, that excitement, that flush of anxiousness is worth the $6 for the next couple weeks...even if all I do get is a bag of crap in the end.

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Cameron Ted said...

so has you crap been put in the mail yet? sitting in Wisconsin for days?