Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two Minutes Hate Tuesday

I am full of hate. I hate a lot of things. I might not be as full of hate and angst as I was when I was younger but still I have hate a plenty. So I thought I would start a Two Minutes Hate on Tuesdays to share my hate with all the world (or the 7 people that read this). If there is hate in your heart, let it out. - Clayton Bigsby, black white supremacist.

Magazine Renewals & Inserts
You know those renewal and crappy product information cards in magazines? I hate all varieties.
  • The ones that are inserted loosely in the magazine to fall out all over the floor as soon as you open it are annoying but easily disposed. Although why do you want to make my house dirty? I should not have to pickup after you magazine. If this is an attempt to get me to renew it is having the opposite effect, it reminds me that your magazine is full of garbage.
  • The renewal forms that are printed on thick card stock and then bound in the magazine - these suck because I like randomly flipping through magazines. These thick cards prevent random flipping and I am always opening to the exact same spot. Even after ripping these out and tossing them, there is still usually a stub that totally ruins my randomization. Any product printed on these, I will not even consider as I already hate it for annoying me. And really besides the three loose insert renewals do I need another 5 or 6 bound throughout the magazine? I only need to renew once (and chances are I am going to do that through the interwebicon anyways), I am definitely not going to recommend this magazine to 6 other people EVER - let alone this month. Let's be honest, you are just not that good of a magazine.
  • But the absolute worst is the big card stock cover glued to the original cover of the magazine. I mean it blocks the entire cover, makes the magazine look totally unappealing, and it is near impossible to remove it without ripping the actual magazine cover (and even if you accomplish this there is often a sticky residue on the spine). Nothing will make me hate your magazine more or make that issue get tossed in the garbage faster. I am not even going to leave that piece of crap in the bathroom for others to peruse. I will randomly flip through it - get pissed at the non randomness because of the stupid renewal cards and throw it away without reading it. Your efforts to get me to renew have now failed, I will not be back.

End Two Minutes Hate


Aetraxx said...

Amen to that. Stupid cardstock cover crap. What BS!

Cameron Ted said...

If you only knew..... send in the one that falls out you get into a certain level of subscription. Oh but send in the one that you actually have to tear out... you get into a better level when it comes time to renew.

The best? a hand written letter to the magazine.

I only speak the troof.

you are sure full of a lot of hate, I am glad you are letting it out.