Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

Idiot Drivers

Idiot drivers is a hate that many people share...they are the ones that make normal people have road rage. I am talking about the people who think that they can go 60mph in poor conditions when everyone else is going 30-35 mph. Yes, I witnessed this first hand on Friday night. I was not surprised when he started to fishtail and slide out of control a few car lengths ahead of me - back and forth across four lanes of traffic nearly taking out three cars (who were driving correctly) and the center concrete barrier before coming to rest about five feet from my car. Luckily for everyone else, no one was damaged or injured. Unluckily for the driver he/she was also not damaged so I am sure they also didn't learn a lesson and will be in a ditch or accident before the winter is through. I have to laugh at the people who think they are invincible in inclement weather just because they have four wheel drive. Four wheel drive helps certainly but you still need to drive smart (I am specifically thinking about you Hummer that I saw on your side in the ditch over the weekend...Hummer's not driving so well when the wheels aren't touching the ground, huh?)

But their are all kinds of idiots out there - the kind that pass in dangerous situations so that they can gain an entire car length, the kind that keep turning left even though their green arrow had turned red 3 cars ago (and this is always much worse during the holidays), the kind that feel that even though it is slick out they are entitled to make their 'right on red' in front of oncoming traffic, and that is just to name a few. I can't claim to be a perfect driver - I have made my own mistakes but 99% of the time I am a pretty decent driver who believes that common sense and courtesy are things much needed in some drivers.

End Hate

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