Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Fools (part 2)

There must be something in the water because another of my brothers decided to get married. I got 34 years without being in a wedding and bam! two within 3 months. I do not plan on being in another wedding for quite a while now, my quota is fulfilled.

Kelly married Holly on Saturday (1/10/09)...and yes, I know how their names together are completely over saturated with Ls and Ys. The were married at the Jester Park Lodge which I had not been to before but I did highly enjoy the stuffed animals. What is a wedding without a buffalo head? I'll tell you what it is - lame.

I was the best man...but that wasn't good enough for me. I quickly renamed myself "awesomest man" instead. I set about my duties diligently - walking, standing, etc... I was incredible. I gave a rousing speech to stir the masses into action, I held the rings like no other, I lit the candles when they went out, I collected money during the (always lame) dollar dance. I was great. I didn't even declare the wedding null and void since the paperwork was filled out before the ceremony.

Kelly and Holly, I have to say you have great taste in was delicious. While you are in Vegas on your honeymoon I am going to break into your house and steal several more pieces. You will most likely come home to find me bloated and passed out on your couch, frosting on my fingers, crumbs on my chin.

Congratulations Kelly & Holly - I can't wait to check out the fair with you again.

Photos Courtesy of GF-Unit (official wedding photographer)

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