Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No Rock for You = Weak Sauce

In case you haven't heard - the Rock Gone Wild show that was supposed take place in northern Iowa August 20-23 has been canceled.

I was really looking forward to this show - Twisted Sister, Junkyard, Kix, Dokken, etc... Bands that I have been waiting 20 years to see. But I can't say that I am completely surprised. The way the ticket system was run (not a reputable ticket dealer like Ticketmaster or even Iowatix), the lack of publicity, and the last minute change in venue (from Algona, IA to the Diamond Jo Casino in Northwood, IA - a pretty big change for less than two weeks to go).

Luckily, I hadn't purchased tickets yet...buying them directly from the promoter or from a small town chamber of commerce seemed weird and made me hesitant. Actually, I am more and more hesitant to buy tickets for general admission concerts early. I've been screwed too many times where the show is canceled and the "convenience fees" are not refundable. $8-$12 per ticket can add up to a big loss pretty quickly. I feel really bad for the people who did buy their tickets early - good luck recouping your money. I've been in that situation and it doesn't usually turn out well. Many of the bands are also getting screwed, I'm sure...and the bands and fans that have already purchased travel arrangements. I'm sorry, this looks totally shitty for Iowa. I want to apologize for the state of Iowa, this shouldn't have happened. I hope the bands are still able to make it to Iowa sometime, I will definitely be there for that show (especially you Junkyard!)

Of course, the promoter is blaming the casino where they planned to move the festival...but I guess I am not sure why they changed venues before contracts and negotiations were completed. Plus this has been in the works for over a year...why wasn't there better planning all around? To me this is all the promoter's fault. I applaud them for trying to bring this type of thing to Iowa...but the planning obviously should have been much, much better.

Too bad I already passed up front row Kelly Clarkson tickets. Not even kidding, I was offered Row 1 - seat 1 & 2 ...but already had plans for Rock Gone Wild. Not that I am heart broken to miss K.C. (I actually can't name a single song she sings) but it probably would have been worth free. I am now available to go to Roller Derby though!

Luckily, I can soothe my angry soul with the thought of Dethklok soon to be playing the Val-Air Ballroom. Gwar too!

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