Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still Busy...grrr

Still really busy at work and home and add in a few surprises - not the good kind (no, not unexpected pregnancy or anything like that but car troubles and TV issues) and I have not had any time to write or read blogs. All work and no play makes Gubby a dull boy.

I did manage to make it to the fair on Monday though and did all the major fair things - see a big pig, a big cow, things made of butter, people standing in line for a long time for every little free thing (seriously people an egg on a stick? I wouldn't take that if they paid me...let alone wait in line for 10 minutes.), rode some overpriced midway rides, and of course gazed upon the atrocities of human kind. My favorite loser this year was a guy that was actually wearing "The Man, The Legend" t-shirt.

I had seen these before but really didn't think anyone would ever buy one...OK maybe a seventh grader. This guy looked to be in his mid-30s and exactly the type of person that you would expect to wear one (douchebag). Later in the evening, I would learn that this was not the worst fashion mistake of the day.

Picture by Julie Weatherbee

I also ate a corn dog, cheese curds, an a grater tater (It was just like I was at Billy Joes! Only the CDs were not mini). I am a firm believer in normal sized corn dog instead of the giant or footlong. I love corn dogs but I would rather get two normal sized...the larger ones just don't cook evenly (and are a mess to eat). It was a good day.

Just as I was about to go home Jessica called and asked if I would like to go see Bret Michaels at the grandstand that night. She received free tickets from some friends (Thanks C & J) who won them on the radio but didn't feel like going.

Before the show, Jessica and I decided that we wanted to go on one of the big kid rides. We chose "The Ejection Seat". This is where you are strapped into a pair of seats (lots of strapping) which is then pulled down on two giant bungee cords and released. It flies up 150+ in the air and goes 0-60 in something like .4 seconds (it might have been .2, I forget). It was a lot of fun. I didn't find it scary, that type of thing doesn't bother me much. Jessica was screaming though. I had a lot of fun though, I think my favorite part was when we reached the top of the peak and then started free-falling backwards. That seemed very calm and peaceful to me, after that initial time you were twisting and turning and although that was good, it wasn't the same as the calmness. I am still not sure if it was worth $25 each but it was a fun experience to have.

Please note - these pictures are not of us and are stolen from various places on the interwebicon for illustrative purposes.

I was never the biggest Poison fan, but I did enjoy them for what they were and like most of their songs quite a bit. I have never seen more than 5 minutes of Rock of Love (because it was terrible), so I am not sure how that all fits in...but it seemed like a lot of people at the show were big fans. BM put on a good show. A lot of good old Poison songs (although I really didn't care for his little rap thing in the middle of Nothing but a Good Time), a few covers, and some newer stuff. A good mix for a show.

Jackyl opened. I've seen Jackyl several times both as openers and headliners. Jackyl always seems to put on a decent high energy show. This was no different. I've always hated The Lumberjack Song, but I must admit it is interesting seeing someone play a chainsaw in person. One thing that I was surprised about was Jesse James Dupree's outfit. JJD usually wears a leather jacket, tight leather pants or jeans, and cowboy boots (sometimes he wears a shirt, sometimes not). It is your typical rock and roll outfit. Monday night, he had the boots, he had the jacket, but decided to wear red long johns know the "old-timey" one piece that buttons all the way up the front and the the button butt flap in the back? Kickin' it Jed Clampett style or something. Yep, go ahead and check out that picture above again. I know it is small but you can just make out the long johns...and of course you need a belt.

Ladies and Gentlemen the new rock and roll style (or not)!

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