Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

People who complain "We can send someone to the moon but we can't ...."

I don't hear this a lot anymore but it still comes up every once in a while. I just heard it last week on the radio "We can send someone to the moon but we can't...." ....cure cancer, feed the world, stop abuse, etc...

It is usually two concepts that are so completely different that they shouldn't be compared at all. It is like complaining "Michael Phelps can win 14 Olympic Gold Medals but he can't teleport himself through time and space." Yes, both are great accomplishments, one has happened, one hasn't...but they have nothing to do with each other. (Michael Phelps if you can teleport yourself through time and space, I apologize. I was just using that as an example). The technology and the drive for Michael Phelps to be a great swimmer has nothing to do with teleportation.

In the same way going to the moon has little or nothing in common with what it is being compared to. Yes, I think they are all worthy causes and we, as the human race, should probably invest more time and money into accomplishing them...I am just tired of them always being contrasted against the moon landing because it is always casting a negative tone on the moon landing and the amazing accomplishment that it was. Like we should feel bad that we have been able to accomplish one feat because the others haven't been beaten yet. I don't feel bad about the moon landing, I think it was an awesome achievement and that we have benefited from it quite a bit. I am sure much of the technology and knowledge generated by the moon shot has crossed over to affect your life (and has probably also helped the cause that you are complaining about).

We are continuing all to make progress on all those causes, money and time is continually being spent to help beat your cause...it's a tricky problem, one that makes the moon landing look relatively simple. Please just lay off the moon, it didn't cause your problem and sending someone there didn't take away from your cause.

End Hate

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