Monday, December 7, 2009

Arrrr....Ye Mights Like It

Pirate Flag courtesy of wikimedia commons.

I would highly suggest anyone with a Facebook account to set their language to "Pirate (English)."

It is pretty much the best thing about Facebook. What does it do, you ask?

Regular Facebook: "xxx became friends with xxx and thinks you may know them too".

Pirate Facebook "Arr! XXX became mateys with XXX! That landlubber thinks ye know xxx too. Spy this matey and send the name o' xxx out to other pirates. Follow the map below." BTW - the map is the link.

It cracks me up every time. It almost...almost...makes me like Facebook.

My absolute favorite part is in the options menu. "Mobile" is now called "Pocket Parrot." I think I may start calling my phone "pocket parrot" in real life.

I proudly fly the pirate flag in life.

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