Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Two Minutes Hate


I don't hate snow on principle. I am not a winter person, I don't ski or snowboard or whatever, so the hassles that come with snow seem even worse because I don't really see the positive side. I hate the byproducts that snow causes - driveway scooping, coldness, and idiot drivers (as a few examples).

I don't mind scooping the driveway with a nice light, fluffy inch or two of snow. I actually kind of like it for the exercise aspect. It feels good to work out the muscles. The crisp air can be very refreshing as you are bundled up and sweating from the workout. I hate the large amounts of heavy, wet snow...the stuff you have to get up at 5am to scoop in order to make it to work on time. Not only am I tired from waking up early, but then I have to put in a pretty serious workout on top? Not for me...I'd rather be sleeping. Of course, the people who "love snow" and "Can't wait for it to snow" are not getting up early to help out, they are happy to stay in bed. But the friendly, local snowplow is aways there to help out - packing in the huge pile at the bottom of the drive. I live at the top of a "T" intersection and I will tell you that the snow plow driver loves to drive up the leg of the T and plow all that snow into my driveway. Thanks! It really is lovely, every time you do that.

Cold is self-explanatory...I just don't like feeling cold. Idiot drivers have been talked about before on the blog. But another thing that really drives me nuts during winter/snow/snowstorms is my co-workers. I hate how when there is the slightest chance of snow that they are constantly on the meteorological sights looking at the radar, reading forecasts, and yelling back and forth what the updates are. I just want to do my job and ignore the weather while I am here, please stop shoving it down my throat every 2 minutes. I don't care. Sure, I don't mind being sent home due to dangerous conditions -but it is not like we are twelve and have a big test coming up this afternoon. Do YOUR job, get off the weather websites and speculating if the boss is going to send us home. A) Chances are that it is not going to happen, we are after all adults; B) even if it does happen, you know what I am going to do with my afternoon off? Scoop snow! Not really a grand vacation snow day of watching cartoons, having snowball fights, and drinking hot chocolate.

End Hate

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