Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Apologies

My sincerest apologies, dear interwebicon, I know I have been neglecting you. I know it seems like this blog has evolved into just Two Minutes of Hate...that is not what I want. It has been really hectic here in the Gubbyverse and I have not had time to write lovely words for you to absorb into your grey matter. The TMH's are often written 3 or 4 at a time, weeks in advance and automatically scheduled to post...so it is not that I am full of more hate, just haven't had the time to write other ramblings. This week there will not even be hate as my pre-written hates are now exhausted. I promise that I will be back to a more regular schedule (and more than just hate next week). Sorry that I suck.



Lax Guy said...

Been there. Right now I am trying to cram lax predictions and results in when I can. I have not had time to write any "fun" posts for a while...

Anonymous said...

1. The "complimentary" paper tells you that President Nixon has resigned.
2. The mint on the pillow starts moving when you come close to it.
3. There is still some stuff that they put around crime scenes that is yellow.
4. The pictures are not placed for decoration but to cover up recent bullet holes.
5. You have to wait until the guy next door is done with the towel so you can use it.
6. There's a chalk outline in the bed when you pull back the covers.
7. The desk clerk has to move the body in order to get some ice for you.
8. Your wake up call comes courtesy of a police helicopter