Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Idea #3

I love games - like board games, trivia games, or even little kid games.  It is just a fun way to let loose.  I have to think Hedda for pointing this German game out to me.  Behold -

Kackel Dackel

Click here to check it out on Amazon Germany (not available in the US at this time).  So basically it is some kind of game where you feed a wiener dog play-doh and then it poops it out in dog turd form.  Brilliant.  What child wouldn't want this?  $42 shipped from right now.  I am so tempted...and watching this commercial only makes me more so.

PS - it looks like the toy really makes those noises too.  Awesome

Kackel Dackel is by far my favorite dog shitting themed game.


Bryan said...

This is beyond awesome!

Michael said...

German engineering at it's finest.