Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Idea #5

Gift Idea #6 : Star Wars: Frames

At $3000, this makes the Tim Burton/Danny Elfman music box set seem down right affordable.  Especially when you consider that he probably used film frames from the crappy re-mastered editions instead of the original trilogy.  And I don't think I really need to spend $3000 to look at 230 film frames from each movie that were personally picked by George Lucas.  Hasn't Lucas already proved with the prequels that he really doesn't understand why people liked Star Wars?  But damn, that wooden case is cool as shit.  I also hate how it is a limited edition of 1138...really?  I liked the movie THX 1138, but why does a Star Wars box set have to pay it tribute.  Just cheesy and dumb...I am really surprised they didn't choose 1977 editions, that at least would have made a tiny bit of sense.  I mean as long as we are tying in Lucas' movies that have nothing to do with Star Wars, why not have Howard the Duck laser etched on the box?

You can buy one for yourself (or me) here.  Can I just get the case for $50?  Or maybe just the Vader medallion for $10?

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