Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Idea #6

Last Minute Gift Idea #6:  Muppet Whatnot

Muppets are awesome.  I've loved the Muppet Show since I was a kid.  I continue to love the videos that the Muppet Studio continues to make, such as this which is fitting for the season:

So I was very excited a few years ago when I found out that FAO Schwarz was going to offer a custom Muppet creation lab.  You are not making copies of the existing Muppets.  The object is not to recreate Miss Piggy or Kermit.  You are creating your own personalized if it was an extra for the Muppet Show.  How cool is that?  What kid wouldn't want to create their own Muppet?  A kid who is destined to be a soulless serial killer.  Jeffrey Dahmer would not want to make his own Muppet.  But assuming that you are not a soulless serial killer, you want a Muppet.  You know you do.  I am lucky to already have a Muppet Whatnot, you may remember Vick Fyre.  He is awesome, and I am starting to think he might need a friend.  Making your own Muppet is easy.

1) Go to FAO

2) Pick your body style

3) Pick your eyes

4) Pick your nose (ha ha - I've been saying "pick" just for that joke, normally I would have typed "Choose")

5) Pick a hairstyle

6) Pick your clothing

7) Hit "Preview" to check out your Muppet and order if you want.

A couple quick examples:
Scientist / Doctor - using your whole fist doc?
Hippie Chick - damn dirty hippies
Balding but hairy elsewhere

Right now Muppet Whatnots are about $100, I've seen a little cheaper but usually they are about $120-$130...but really they are worth it.  They have high quality construction, and are just plain cool.  You might be thinking that you don't play with puppets - it is pretty rare for me too, but just seeing my own Muppet sitting there across the room fills my heart with joy (plus you always have it for those Muppet emergencies that do come up).

Everyone have a Great Holiday Season (or don't...I don't want to force it on you, do what makes you feel comfortable).

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Nice Fletch reference. Moon River...