Monday, December 8, 2008

Mid December Updates

Go Meat!

After this weekend's games. The Iowa Chops have moved into first place in their division. First Place! I don't think they will stay there all season as the division is a very close race...but it is just nice to be able to say First Place. Never came close to saying that for the Iowa Stars...with them we were always like "They are only 5 points from fourth! If they win the next three games and Omaha loses, we will get in the playoffs!" It is a much better feeling starting out strong and I hope the Chops can continue this level of play throughout the rest of the season.

Check out your First Place Chops this Friday and Saturday at Wells Fargo Arena. You will be entertained (not only are they winning but they are also third in penalty minutes...our Chops love to throw down the gloves). Go Chops!

Bag of Crap
My B.o.C. finally arrived...woot! wasn't kidding when they used to say in their FAQ "that they shipped by the cheapest, slowest, most annoying way possible." That's paraphrased but not by much. What can I say, I paid $6 total and I did receive the product, so I am happy. So what did I get in my B.o.C.? Wonderful surprises? Long lost artifacts? 60" LCD TV? Sadly no.

Unfortunately, I do not really have a need for 3...actually even one since I don't have an iPod, so I will share the Bag of Crap love*. Send me an email through here or my profile page saying that you would like an iPod lock. Next week (probably on Dec 15th) I will randomly pick some winners next week, contact them for a shipping address, and send them out - hopefully for arrival by Christmas.
*This will only be available to people within the United States of America, and I am the final judge and decider of who wins (although I will be as fair as possible). Any selection that doesn't reply with a shipping address within a week will have their prize re-awarded to someone else...I don't want them laying around my house any longer than necessary.

Also contained in my B.o.C was this Lowepro Ridge 10, Digital Camera Bag (Amazon $8.95). Not too bad. I am going to probably give it to my niece America (human) as I know she is getting a digital camera for Christmas. Luckily my parents have crappy dial-up interwebicon that they never use, so I know I am not going to be ruining any surprises here.
All in all, I can't say that I was totally blown away by my Bag of Crap...but again it was a Bag of Crap so as long as it is not sitting on my front porch in flames I guess I am good. As I've said before, to me it is not about what I actually get, it is more about the hope and the Christmas like suspense that not knowing creates. My heart was full of joy when I saw the package sitting on my front porch. I am happy with my Bag of Crap and look forward to the next opportunity to buy Hope.

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