Friday, December 19, 2008

Odd Fact

Bet you didn't know you could order Dave Mustaine (from Megadeth) blends of coffee.

Mustaine Blends at Networth Coffee (blends also available from Charlie Benante of Anthrax and wrestler Goldberg)

I trust no one more to satisfy my palate than the person that wrote the lyrics "I spread disease like a dog." I wish the names for the blends were more creative like Ashes in your Mouth blend or Brewing is my Business blend, etc...

If I drank coffee at all I would try it in an instant...Dave and the boys' music was a strong force in my life for many of my impressionable young years.


Cameron Ted said...

I swear to you so help me if I order this and get assicted to heroin I am going to eh pissed off

kelly said...

Man, you're right about the names. Talk about phoning it in. So many possibilities to play off of. Good Mourning/Black Friday. Wake Up Dead. Hook In Mouth. In My Darkest Hour. Insomnia. Poison Was The Cure. Skin O' My Teeth.

Dixon said...

I heart Dave Mustaine. Vic Rattlehead dressed up in a Santa suit drinking a mug of Joe is priceless. I'm buying some!!

If there's a new way...I'll be the first in line.