Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two Minutes Hate Tuesday

Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl

Why does anyone like this song?
  • The music is generic pop/dance type music. Pretty indistinguishable from 100 other songs in the past couple years.
  • The lyrics pretty lame - really? "liked it" and "chapstick" do not rhyme...not even when you stretch out the i.
  • Vocals are too over processed - not as bad as Kanye, but bad enough that it drives me nuts.
  • The theme may have been slightly risqué when Jill Sobule did it 13 years ago (and did it better), but is now pretty tired and blasé.

Lipstick Lesbian, Lesbian Chic, etc... are not really edgy any more. I really didn't think it was that edgy 10+ years ago when it first started getting popular. I guess I don't see why people think this song is so subversive. I guess it might be edgy to some preteens or something but should not be to anyone who is an adult...well maybe a Mormon (not to slight Mormons but the ones I have met have led pretty sheltered lives - not necessarily a bad thing). It just makes me sad when music like this becomes popular and actual good music falls through the cracks.

Katy Perry - you may have kissed a girl but that doesn't make your music good.

End Hate

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Aetraxx said...

The song was ok when it first came out and I was drinking. It made me laugh at first. Now it has gotten old (and overplayed) quickly.
This song is a perfect example of why radio in Des Moines generally sucks. It's like you can turn on almost any station (Kiss & Lazar being the most notorious) at the same time on any given day and hear the same song. I hated Kid Rock forever because of Lazar's overplaying of Bawitdaba and Kiss just drives me nuts. Thank God for Sirius, CDs, and Ipods!