Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two Minutes Hate Tuesday

No Scammers

I understand people don't want to be scammed or else be bilked out of their hard earned money or merchandise. Do some people really think that adding "No Scammers" or the slightly more polite "No Scammers Please" to the bottom of their eBay auction, Craigslist posting, classified ad, or other internet post is really going to deter a scammer? Just imagine the scammer's thoughts:

Scammer #1 : "I think this guy sounds gullible to fall for our ____ scam (insert: winning lottery, Nigerian Prince, over-payment/refund, payment after sent, etc...)"
Scammer #2: "Oh yeah, sounds like a real hick. Easy pickings!"
Scammer #1: "Shit. Wait, wait, wait...never mind. It says 'No Scammers' at the bottom. We better not."
Scammer #2: "Fuck! So close...if only he didn't ban scammers by typing that! We're busted."

I just want to shake these people and yell "Do you really think a scammer is going to care if you type "No scammers" at the end of your ad? No. They are going to try to steal from you, why would they have morals about going against your description? It just makes you seem dumb. Do you think there is some kind of Robin Hood type, honor bound thief out there? Get a clue. Unfortunately, scamming pieces of crap are people that you have to deal with on the interwebicon. It has happened to me a couple times (credit card number theft and sellers on eBay who just disappear after being paid) but I don't let it ruin my interwebicon experience and I don't assume that everyone is a thief. If you can't handle the possibility that you might be taken at some point...stay off the interwebicon.

End Hate.

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