Thursday, March 26, 2009

3 Home Games Left

Go Meat!

The Iowa Chops have not had the best season this year although watching the games has been infinitely more fun this year than in the past. There are only 3 home games left this season, I suggest you give one a try. The Chops are right on the edge of making the playoffs so come help give them a boost!

I like almost everything about Chops Hockey this year. I like our guys, I like the crowds, I like the play (when they are playing and not being total slackers), I even like the name and logo (although that has taken me awhile to say). However, I do not like the mascot. Pitchy the Pig. He is cute, he is cuddly and kid he is named after the pitch-a-pig contest and so seems merely there to sell foam pigs...he is not what a mascot for a hockey team should be.

Pitchy the Pig - more like Porky the Pig or Babe than a cool mascot.

I had always proposed a meaner, more boar looking tough mascot that I call Chompy. Chompy would embody the toughness of our team, he would show that the Chops aren't just little piglets. He would be something to be proud of. If the Chops owners announced today that they would definitely be here more than one more year, I would definitely go out, buy the costume, and become Chompy myself.

Proposed Mascot: Chompy


kelly said...

I will contribute money to the Chompy Fund. Serious.

Aetraxx said...

A couple of different people told me that a real mascot was being custom built but they wanted to wait until next season to unveil it. Pitchy is a (relatively) cheap costume so hopefully he (but not the team) will be gone next year.
I hate Pitchy too, but not as much as I hated Shooter. What the heck did a racoon have to do with Stars? It was even worse when the Chops had him for the first few weeks. I was tempted to steal his head after he "went south" b/c it was down by the locker rooms during our men's league one night.

Anonymous said...

Jamie and I went to the Nickelback concert (shut up, music snob) and they must have found the mascot costume backstage. The guy shooting t-shirts into the audience in the middle of the concert was dressed in the pig suit. At one point, he took a glove (hoof?) off, put that in the t-shirt gun and shot it into the audience.


Michael said...

Aetraxx...I hope you are correct and there is a new mascot around next year, they can keep Pitchy as a secondary mascot if they feel the need, but they seriously need something cooler for the main mascot.
I didn't hate Shooter (although I understand your reasons)...I did hate the name Iowa Stars though!
Doesn't look like the Chops are going to do it this year...hopefully we have a good playoff run next year! Go Meat!

Michael said...

Shannon, I wouldn't judge you for liking Nickelback, they have some catchy tunes (they are just not for me - I do really like the music to Animals but unfortunately the lyrics ruin it for me). I heard that it was a heck of a rock show...even for the people who are not huge fans.

I typically only judge people who a) have consistently bad taste in music, b) only like one bad to the exclusion of all else, or c) actually like Limp Bizkit (ha ha). When I was younger and full of hate, I may have judged people harsher.

Anonymous said...

Or Creed. You immediately go on my shitlist if you own a Creed CD.