Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

DVD Piracy Warnings

I hate buying a DVD and have this warning (or similar) pop up as I try to watch it. I know that copying the DVD is a crime and I chose to buy it on the day it came out instead of downloading it from the internet where it has been available for at least a month. You are preaching to the choir.

Even more than that, you are pissing me off...by being this blatant and in my face it makes me feel like a criminal even though I did nothing wrong. It's like yelling at a group of kids for something only one of them did, they all feel bad and you are punishing the innocent. I hope you are just trying to remind people that copying the disc is stealing people's work...but you are not winning any friends here. Threats don't work on me, in fact they do the opposite...now I kind of want to download all future movies from the internet just so I don't have to watch your warning and feel your condemnation. You probably wouldn't want to eat at a restaurant that proclaimed on the door "Stealing silverware is a crime. Stealing silverware is punishable by a fine of $10,000 plus 5 years in jail." Not because you were thinking about stealing silverware, but because the place just seems like it was run by a bunch of assholes. That is the feeling that I get when I see this message on a DVD that I purchased.

I think the warnings should go more like this: "

Hey, thanks for watching.

If you enjoyed this movie, please remember that a lot of people worked hard to bring you this entertainment.

They are not all rich fat-cats and most need their royalties from disc sales to feed their families.

We would appreciate it if you didn't copy this disc, but please tell all your friends about this film.

This kind of message would make me feel so much more guilty about stealing a disc than being threatened with a ridiculous amount of money and jail time. So please stop threatening about items that I purchased legally.

End Hate

Hate Update...so not two days after posting about how the "tear here" bags ever work for me, I bought groceries and ended up getting 4 products with this kind of packaging (even though my hatred did give me pause on all of them). 3 of the 4 ended up tearing perfectly...they were all store brand products. The fourth, which was a big brand name, ripped terribly like always. So way to go Target on giving me some hope (and a little less hate).

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