Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

Excessive Soloing

I've been to many concerts and even more bar shows. I've seen some great shows (Incubus with System of a Down opening and a total crowd of around 25 people) and some horrible shows (Urge Overkill with Nash Kato so drunk that he couldn't sing but still tried to horrible results). I've seen everything in between. I am a big fan of live music in general but of course there are always those little things that tend to just piss you off every time you see them.

Mediocre cover bands that feel the need to have each member solo for 5 minutes or just throw random solos into songs is one of those things that drives me nuts. YOU ARE A COVER BAND...people are here to hear familiar music, not for you to show off your "musical talents." Seriously, the closer the song you are playing sounds to the original artist the better. You should not go off trying to show that you are a musical genius in your own right, because that is all in your mind.

Now, I am not getting down on those bands that play some covers, some originals. I am totally fine with that and I understand sometimes that you have to play covers just to get the gig. I am just talking to the bands who strictly play cover songs and somehow think they are rockstars. I hate it when bands I do like feel the need to add solos to their live set. God, how I hate drum solos...after seeing Terry Bozzio perform a clinic everything else sounds totally weak (don't feel left out guitar and bass solos, I hate you too). So if I hate when a very talented and famous band feels the need to solo...I really hate it when you do cover bands. I know you are trying to get laid by that one drunk girl with the short skirt and the tshirt that is shows off her cleavage...but really you don't need to try to impress her, she'll probably sleep with you anyway. Please stop the soloing.

This is Terry Bozzio's drum kit...cover band drummers - I am not impressed with your double bass drums (everyone has had those since 1988).

This may seem like I am hating on drummers...I am not, I actually like drummers (some of my best friends are drummers - ha ha). I just hate the generic drum solos thrown in a cover song for no reason.

End Hate

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