Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Give the World a Try

I try to read a new blog every day. How? I just click the "next blog" button and read whatever comes up. Every click brings something new.

A daily photo blog: Ordinary Matters.

A French lady that makes creepy but cool dolls: Illusion's Doll

A guy in Texas that just started chronicling his hamburger journey: Just One Burger

A cooking blog from a non-professional cooking person: Angel in the Kitchen

A Journal of horrible cakes: Cake Wrecks

And those are just a few favorites that I have run across in the past couple weeks. I wish I would have started keeping track of some of them more because there has been some interesting ones that I can no longer find....Blogger, I wish you had a better way to search blogs.

Yes, you will run into a lot of Non-English blogs (what? not everyone speaks English?), but those can be interesting too. You would be surprised at how much you can figure out about a blog even though you can't understand the language. Some are spectacular - exotic pictures, artwork, locations.

So I encourage everyone to give a random blog a try if you have a few moments. You never know what you might find and enjoy.


stover said...

I tried "Next Blog" and got this:

Epic Fail.

Michael said...

You know you love knitting! Don't try to act all cool and manly.

Anonymous said...

I read Cake Wrecks Regularly. The commentaries on the crappy cakes usually make me laugh out loud. It also makes me want to scour my local Hy Vee bakery counter for entries.