Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

NHL Center Ice on Dish Network
Dish Network doesn't carry channel Versus in their lower quantity channel packages (actually you basically have to go to their highest packages to get it). Which would normally be fine with me, I watched it a little but not enough to justify paying extra $23 a month for it. However, Versus has had the hockey telecast rights for the past two years. So why don't I pony up the cash and pay for Versus? Because I already pay $160 for the NHL Center Ice package that is supposed to provide all the games. During the regular season is it not a huge deal (although it still pisses me off), although I might not get to see all the games I would like, there is usually a different game on that will satisfy me. That all changes with the playoffs though. Versus carries half the games (all the good ones too) and my Center Ice package becomes crap. I think if I pay for Center Ice, I should also get Versus when they are showing hockey. It just doesn't seem right to purchase the "hockey package" and not get the biggest and best games.

This situation has made me hate: Versus, Dish Network, and Center Ice. So good job there.

PS Dish Network - nice how my Top 100 channel package doesn't include Versus or FX, but yet there is 10 religious channels and 15 shopping channels. FX doesn't rate above the religious channels? Right. You suck. Directv is sounding better and better.

End Hate.

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