Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

Record Companies Blaming the Internet

I am tired of record companies blaming the Internet for their dwindling business. I understand their complaint and I am sure illegal downloading has affected their business quite a bit. I think it is also just one of many reasons for their declining business and I would like to see them do something about the other things also...instead of just blaming the Interwebicon.
  1. Artists of Poor and Inconsistent Quality - I don't expect every song on every album to be a masterpiece, but their should be more than one decent song. I can't even count the number of times I bought an album and the entire thing (with the exception of the one single they released) was just utter shit. The single doesn't sound anything like the rest of the album, and the whole thing sounds rushed and poorly produced. After having this happen time and again, it makes downloading the album as a test beforehand seem very logical.
  2. Recordings of Inconsistent Quality - I hate switching albums and having them mixed so differently that you have to adjust volume, treble, bass, each time. Not just a little bit, but a lot. One CD is recorded so softly that you have to have your stereo set to volume 22 for comfortable listening and the next CD almost deafens you at the same level. Lets get some consistency because it is easier for me to download mp3s and have a program level them out, than to remember which CD is going to blow out my speakers.
  3. Price Fixing - I am still pissed about the whole price fixing thing on CDs from about 10 years ago. I purchased many, many CDs in that time frame (literally thousands)...and I'm sorry but the $12 check from the class action lawsuit doesn't really make up for that (BTW I never even got my check, bitches - so I don't consider this matter closed!). So if you are willingly to take advantage of me for years and years, I guess I don't mind it happening to you in return. When a company acts greedy and doesn't care about their customers, it is hard for me to support that company. Treat your customers right!
  4. Extra Tracks - why should I buy a CD in the USA and get a lesser version than they get in Europe or Japan. If I am going to buy a CD, I think I should be getting just as much as everyone else...without having to pay the import price of 5 to 10 times as much. Why should I feel like I am not as important as a foreign market. Sure sometimes the extras are crap, but I should still have the option of getting them at a reasonable price.
  5. MP3s and DRM - really, you are going to encrypt my files so I can't use them easily? Plus what happens when the DRM service gets scrapped? I lose my music. Why would I pay for this feature? And don't say it won't happen, because it has happened already with Walmart, Yahoo, and several others. DRM does nothing but hurt the customer that buys the music legally. If I don't have an option to buy an MP3 without DRM, you are almost forcing customers to download it illegally because DRM is not worth the trouble it causes. Stop treating customers as criminals when they buy music.
  6. I've already purchased this album - many albums I have purchased on Record, Cassette, and CD...but you don't want me to be able to rip my own music (luckily it is still legal at this time), why should I pay full price for a digital format. I would be more than happy to pay something - like half price - I feel that is fair for a loyal customer who has already bought the album multiple times. Come up with a way that I can input music I already own and get a discount for the digital copy and I am there.
  7. You've lost MTV - MTV no longer plays music - AT ALL. This sucks for you, this sucks for me. You no longer have a 24/7 commercial for your music. No wonder people don't buy CDs, they don't know what music is out there any more. I bet this, more than anything else correlates to your lost profits...not downloading on the Internet. MTV was free advertising for you for 20+ years and now you don't know what to do without it. Sure radio plays a little bit of music, but nothing cutting edge or quirky...and people don't listen to the radio as much as they used to.

Please stop blaming the Internet for everything. The Internet is good and can be good business for you if you treat it correctly.

End Hate

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