Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Minutes Hate

Fiber One Commercials

Those Fiber One commercials where the people argue that the product can't have fiber because they taste so good are annoying but the newest one (I couldn't find it on youtube yet) is the worst.

Have you seen it?  They are doing a taste test outside for the Fiber One granola bars type thing and the ladies tasting them are like "How'd you do that?  How'd you make the fiber taste so good" and "You're a magic man, you made this taste like chocolate" and "Oh, this one has chocolate chips..."

 Tastes like chocolate?...That's unpossible!

Really?  You are surprised it tastes like chocolate?  The bottom is dunked in chocolate (or at least carob) and the top is drizzled with it.  I saw this commercial twice last night and each time I was even more pissed at how stupid it was.  Oats are pretty bland, if you add anything with flavor to them it is going to taste like that substance instead of nothing.  These types of commercials make the customer seems so stupid that I really don't want to buy the product at all.  Advertising: You're Doing It Wrong.

End Hate


Lax Guy said...

But they are tasty. And the fiber is very filling. The thought of carob makes me kind of queasy though since that's what Three Dog Bakery puts in their treats...

Michael said...

I agree...I kind of like them myself. I just hate the commercials especially the last one: How did you make it taste like chocolate? Ummm dipped it in chocolate...see all that brown stuff?

Carob is pretty nasty stuff if used in anything but minuscule quantities...it doesn't taste THAT much like chocolate, no matter what they say.