Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trying to do Some Good...For Once

On August 10th, I will be participating in Easter Seals Walk With Me, an event that's all about putting hope within reach for people with disabilities. I'm participating with my friend, Angie Plager. Angie was injured in a car accident a few years ago becoming paralyzed. Angie is a quadriplegic, she has total loss of use below the mid-chest area, and partial loss of use of her arms.  You may remember me writing about her here.

After her injury and rehabilitation, Easter Seals was really able to help her family out by providing a hospital style bed, and accessible shower benches for her home, among other items and assistive programs.

With the help of Easter Seals, many other charity organizations, and the help of friends and family; Angie is now able lead a good quality life. Angie has gone on to graduate college, volunteers for many organizations that help the disabled like the Spinal Cord Association of Iowa, helps disabled and newly injured people find the resources that they need, and was voted Ms Wheelchair Iowa of 2009.

I know times are tough for everyone and if you are able to donate, any amount would be greatly appreciated. If you are not able to donate, please keep Easter Seals in mind for the future. Easter Seals really does a great job of helping disabled, autistic, and people with special needs.

You may donate to Team A.W.O.L. (Access WithOut Limitations) in the form of cash or check (made out to Easter Seals) to me, or by credit card by clicking the Donate link below.
Click here to Donate.

If you have any questions, please ask.  Thank you for any donation you are able to make.

Thank you!

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Glancing at it, it almost seems more of an advertisement for devotees.

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